More Mini’s – these Ranger Eye Patches came out great!

So I’m a little old skool, so to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of RUN DMC and to honor that awesome round .223 we commissioned this Patch and Custom Gun Rail Set. It’s proved to be extremely popular in-store and we’ve had trouble keeping the Rails in stock for sure.  You can purchase these RUN.223 patches HERE




It was over a year ago that I first strapped a GoPro to my rifles, back then to the options were limited and yet so many like me desired a decent GoPro mount to capture those shooting moments, whether it was your best hunting moment, shits and giggles at the range or for training purposes, we all want to capture these moments in video. It was May 2015 that I first came up with the idea for SIDEKICK – every (GoPro) HERO needs a SIDEKICK right, cheesy, maybe but hey it works….

In conjunction with our licensing partner – I’ve been busy designing, testing and building a range of mounts and mount accessories for the GoPro HERO 3, 4 and the new Session Cameras. Several mounts are in 2nd generation development, as we spend more time shooting and testing we are constantly looking to make tweaks and improvements to the designs. For the Session Camera, we initially tried to work with a Partner but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Whilst this initial mount was an ideal way to test reception in the market, it was far from perfect in many ways. We have since replaced all customer Mounts with the new SIDEKICK out of courtesy.

When designing our mounts, our main goal is to design a mount that owners would be proud to fix to their firearms. Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of money on our habit and let’s be honest, most people wouldn’t buy a $1000 scope and mount it on a $30 dollar mount. Why then, would we spend $500+ on a GoPro and fix it to a high powered rifle or pistol using a $30 piece of plastic?

SIDEKICK mounts will be sitting alongside some of the largest names in the Firearm Industry including but not limited to LaRue Tactical, WarsportSmith & Wesson, Remington to mention a few. Therefore, we needed something that was well designed, simple and looked like it belonged there.

All our mounts are CNC machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and then Cerakoted in a range of colors including Armor Black, FDE, OD Green, Tiffany and Pink. We work with the team over at OC Custom Coating and can do customer colour schemes to match your existing Firearms. Just ping us:


So How do they perform?

This is raw footage directly from the Camera – obviously you can play around more with the video using the GoPro Studio software but these are just examples.

So what else do we have?

GoPew SIDEKICK KeyMod mounts and Picatinny Mounts for the HERO2, HERO3 and HERO4 as well as a number of mounting methods.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.04.47 PMWe offer various rails to mount your GoPro’s including this 30mm Scope Mount which offers the perfect angle to capture the full shot including the full view of the barrel as well as the target. Every one of our mounts comes complete with premium Aluminum and Stainless screws (no need to run to lowes or Home Deput to get your own screws or sandpaper for that matter like you so with others (hehehehe)




If you are interested in purchasing any of our mounts they can be found here



Wow, what a difference a Month makes…

So I have to confess to neglecting WordPress and my personal blog over the last few months. It’s hard to believe that has been live for 3months and yet when I look back, it seems like it’s been a year since we launched. We’ve been busy  cooking this up for some time and we are just getting started.

The pace has been incredible, customers appetite is insatiable and the ideas just keep coming. We’ve ruffled a few feathers but when you are trying to be disruptive in a crowded market that’s to be expected I guess. We’ve been plotting and scheming  but we’ve been operating silently in the shadows for some time.

What started as a Patch and T-Shirt company is so much more, some have been privy to the master plan, others are happy and content with what we offer today. A few have spat their dummies out and sulked in the corner.

To the haters, stay tuned, so much more is coming.


What a bumper 24 hours…

There is an old saying, all press is good there has been a hive of activity amongst social media and users groups which started with a user notifying a supplier that his product had been ripped off, rebranded, resold which no recognition or royalty to the maker. As a result, the supplier decided to post a notice to his followers which resulted in further traffic.

So having addressed the issue directly with the Designer and supplier – @thebrainexploder ,he has subsequently removed his post and disappeared into the ether. However his followers continue to debate and communicate inaccurate information. Seeing, as despite polite requests to address the issue have failed, we thought we would take the opportunity to ensure his band of merry men that in fact – we had communicated our intensions, requested volume discounts and purchased all mounts directly from him at full list with no conditions as to use or resale of the product (still something that has not been addressed on his store – take time to read the terms and conditions associated with the ShapeWay store which you will find in store)

So to reconfirm that payments were made for the products in good faith we have attached a couple of invoices – in total Patch Me Up has purchased over 30+ of these (you can do the math on the flow of dollars to the designer)


Further more, please find below an extract of the email exchange between Patch Me Up and BrainExploder:


We have removed all Pictures belonging to BrainExploder, his products have been replaced in store with a new line from an alternative supplier. We will continue to expand services over the coming days and weeks. Feel free to keep directing traffic to this blog, our store and our Instagram. Its actually resulted in our highest level of sales in 6 weeks since we opened, for that we thank ;o) And to those of you that we active in the discussion, should this continue, we’ll post your orders you placed with us today as well.

All Patch Me Up customers are being notified that we be exchanging all products with a new line shortly at our cost.

If you have any further questions please contact us directly:

Thanks you.


Damn City Permits…

So not wanting to be one to break or bend too many laws, I want to launch the right way, in order to do so I need a local permit for PV that I can’t get till Jan 1st.

What can I do in the meantime? Well, I’ve decided to give away GoPro HERO4 to all the good peeps on Instagram and Facebook…

I will announce more details via Instagram and Facebook tomorrow but in the meantime here is a sneak peak.


The lucky winner will receive a Brand New GoPro HERO4 Session along with a HERO4 Session Custom Picatinny Rail mount specifically designed to mount the Session whilst providing easy access to memory cards etc. These are both sweet pieces of kit that I’m having to keep away from the members of the PatchMeUp Team! I will also throw in some extra GoPew Be a HERO. launch goodies for good measure seeing as its Christmas after all.



This is Patch Me Up!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.44.12 PM

So first things first – if you’re reading this then it means you found us through one of our social sites, thanks for taking time and clicking through to find out more, we appreciate it, we hope you like what you find and most of all we hope you enjoy our products.

Who is Patch Me Up?

Patch Me Up like any other great idea was dream’t up whilst chatting and brainstorming over some fine whiskey and great cigars! It was born out of my newly found love of all things Guns and Shooting – Every since I was a youngster, growing up watching great films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a Fist full of Dollars and for a Few Dollars more..

I’ve had a fascination with firearms and promised one day I’d learn to shoot a six shooter. As a Brit living in England, our choices of firearms are limited, then I moved to the the US with work and here I was able to rekindle my passion for shooting, I guess it’s why I ended up in California and I love shooting a wheel gun so much!

Over the last year my collection has grown as has my Patch Collection – there are some great patches that exist out there today but Patch Me Up aims to expand on these by providing patches that offer a humorous take on other interests and items that revolve around shooting! For example – GoPew – one thing we love doing as much as shooting is sharing those moments on social – GoPro being one of the great inventions that has made this easier than ever. To celebrate my love of GoPro – I created the GoPew series of Patches and Clothing, so simple right? At first people saw the GoPro logo but then after a double take they spot it. When designing this I would wear the prototypes on my travels, people would stop and ask me about it in airports, shops and ranges, everyone was saying I had to make it.  After some discussions with my lawyer and a few others, I’m about to release this patch to the world ;o)


What is Patch Me Up?

Patch Me Up aims to offer a humorous twist on everyday products we use, some of our favourite films that reference our love of shooting. If you are looking for something a little different, a conversation piece or just something funny for your collection then you’ve come to the right place!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.52.04 PM.png

In addition to our à la carte store, the Patch Me Up team are busy pulling together a new type of monthly subscription service – this won’t be for the weak hearted, this will be PewClub  (see what we did there ;o))

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate…” -Tyler Durden

Why the name Patch Me Up?

I was looking for a name that I could turn into a flagship Patch – something people would want to own and most importantly won’t mind wearing. Being a Brit, I’ve always loved the Keep Calm and Carry On Brand – not many truly know the history of this slogan so here is a little brief history lesson.

Another great British Franchise is Monty Python – there is a great scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail – The Black Knight

Taking a twist on war, fighting and shooting – Keep Calm it’s only a Flesh wound – Patch Me Up! was born. The flagship Keep Calm Patch will be released in the store shortly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.31.21 AM

So there you have it – this is Patch Me Up! Store will be coming soon, just trying to get everything into inventory right now..

It’s been a crazy few weeks…

Things have been a little crazy of late, training has been intense and I’ve been busy pulling a new business together to fund my 2016 3gun season.(more about that coming soon!)

The blog stalled a little so I’m going to cover a number of sessions in one blog so I can catch up. Since my last confession, I’ve been spending more time on the Revolver, this time working on double tap and target transition maximising trigger travel time as well as starting to introduce some drills around Shotgun and Rifle.

Whilst I spend a lot of time at the range, my travel schedule has picked up again of late and I can’t stress enough the importance of dry firing and IMG_1540loading practice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the wife has been very understanding about my new hobby – to that end here is a picture at home. Between calls and emails I whip on the belt and practice, draw, presentation and trigger pull as well as speed loading with the shotgun, both with the traditional carrier and the quad loads. A smart tip Masaki gave me was to have a stool of chair in front along with a box to collect all those practice shells, saves chasing them around the living room floor..

Practice makes perfect – it’s not as easy as it looks ;o)

A better effort….

We came up with a practice drill at the indoor range which takes the dry practice a little further, it’s not always easy to get outdoors as much as I’d like so this helps with transition practice.

I’ve switched my shotgun preference for now from my Mossberg 930 JM Pro to a new Remington Versa Max Tactical Competition – this is a sweet gun and when you look at the price comparison between the two, I know the Mossberg works out cheaper but by the time you’ve made the modifications you’ll need for 3gun v’s the Versa Max which comes competition ready, the price difference really isn’t that great. I have to also thank Guns Direct for such a good price on the Versa Max (I’ll do a blog review comparing my Versa Max and Mossberg side by side later) My only pet hate with the Versa Max is the position of the safety – us Brits are used to a thumb Safety on top of our Under and Overs – the Mossberg has this as opposed to the Versa Max which is located by the trigger guard and as you’ll see from this video I have a habit of wanting to engage the safety before quad loading…the beatings will continue till I break that habit!! So the drill is 3 x3in targets at 7-10yrds then transition to shotgun, one or two shots on target at 10yrds, reload 2-4 rounds and shoot again. A really easy drill to run at your local indoor range.

Rapid Load Practice…

Other practice drills I’ve been working on at the indoor range has been target transition and trigger travel time (prepping the trigger between targets to prevent dead trigger time) I should point out that most ranges in Cali has this 1 shot per second rule which is a pain most of the time…

Here is some of my better examples ;o)

Last but not least is Double explanation needed right…


We did finally get some time outdoors recently – Masaki and I have managed to secure a couple of private bays at Angeles Shooting Range for the next 3-6mths which will allow us to set-up a number of stages to practice before I start running comps – will also give me some more time to run drills and work on some of the core fundamentals, it’s then and only then that I can start to string these drills together.

I didn’t get much footage from our rifle day but pretty much we worked on the following fundamentals

  • Low and High Ready IMG_1477
  • Tactical and Emergency Reload
  • Double Tap and Bill Drill (6 rapid shoots on target)
  • Target Transition
  • Shooting on the move – multiple Targets
  • Distance shooting – 10yrds, 25yrds, 50yrds and 75yrds (this will move to 250-300yrds)
  • Timed Sessions on all of the above

It’s always great to get time out – especially in California, this time of year in the mountains is stunning ;o) and we always try to keep things a little light hearted (not always good to take yourself too serious all the time)

Just for the record there were two 14″x3″ steel poppers at the end – you can barely see them in the video and the aim is to pop (drop and pop back up) hit with no visual indication doesn’t count apparently ;o)

So what’s next? Speed loading on the Revolver, Masaki always makes it look so damn easy!!!

Thanks for reading and watching the ramblings of this silly Brit, till next time!